The AFV Beltrame Group has operated in the steel industry for over a century, producing rolled sections for use in construction, shipyards, and excavators.

The facilities, which have a production capacity of approximately 3,2 million tons, include 4 electric furnaces and 10 rolling mills. These are scattered in 7 plants located in Italy, France, Switzerland, and Romania. Their geographical distribution is very advantageous given the areas where the products are consumed and those where raw materials are purchased.
The AFV Beltrame Group is commercially present in all European markets as well as in the Mediterranean region through shares in local companies, agents, or the internal sales force. All employees, amounting to approximately 2,100 people, are strongly committed and motivated to satisfy the customers’ needs through constant improvements in production, organization and level of service.

The AFV Beltrame Group has become number one in its sector in Italy and leader in the European market thanks to continuous innovation and the centuries-old culture of productivity and quality. These characteristics have brought the Group to make strategic choices aimed at constantly reaching key objectives: high-quality products, environmental sustainability, the safety of its workforce and energy savings.

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